25 Easy ways to grow your email list

As people switch jobs, choose not to receive your emails, or give up an email address they used to fill out forms on websites, their contacts’ email addresses change. Email Marketing Tips. From list building to copywriting to measurement, there’s always something new to learn and improve. It is your responsibility as a marketer to ensure that you are consistently adding new touches to your email lists to maintain growth. Although buying emails is possible, there are other better ways. Here are top-notch tactics to expand your email list, so you can reach a vast audience of subscribers who are ready to hear what you have to say, who are likely to make purchases, and who will help grow your business.

What is Email Marketing?

The mailing list or subscribers list is a collection of email addresses from customers and site visitors who have agreed to receive messages from the business, such as news, updates, or special offers. As subscribers leave or new ones sign up, your list may expand and contract over time.

For a firm, email marketing provides a significant advantage. Since almost every consumer has an email address, you can quickly contact billions of potential customers with only a few clicks. Additionally, email marketing is 40 times more efficient than social media at attracting and keeping new clients. It has a much greater click-through rate than social media posts, meaning more clients see it.

25 Methods to increase email list size

You may expand your email list organically in a variety of ways. To properly expand your list, use these 25 tips-

1. Produce informative content

It’s for this reason that your subscribers request to get emails from you. It’s your responsibility to make it worthwhile for them by offering relevant, captivating material. You will quickly lose subscribers if your content is boring and irrelevant to your fans.

2. Request that subscribers forward and spread your emails

Add social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button on your marketing emails. You’ll be able to grow your contact list by having access to the friends, coworkers, and networks of the recipients. Include a “Subscribe” CTA as a straightforward text-based link at the bottom of your emails to make it simple for the recipients of forwarded communications to join.

3. Divide your email lists into buyer persona segments

Utilizing several forms of email subscriptions to send tailored material to different audiences is something to think about because email receivers are more likely to click through emails that speak to their particular interests. The likelihood that visitors will sign up for one of your targeted subscriber categories will rise if you develop several. Segmented campaign users reported income increases of up to 760%.

4. Use an opt-in campaign to breathe new life into a stale email list

Do you possess an earlier list that you believe has largely deteriorated? You should send an opt-in message to your old inventory and invite contacts to opt back in if they wish while pledging to delete any contacts who don’t respond. You can increase your deliverability by emailing engaged contacts and increasing the likelihood that your email will be forwarded to people outside your current database. It may seem counterintuitive to remove people from your email list to build it but it is effective.

5. Include an opt-in link in the signatures of your staff

People can subscribe to your mailing list by visiting a landing page linked in their email signatures. Additionally, adding them to more email subscription lists can be a logical next step if you’re currently in a natural email discussion with them.

6. Make a new offer for lead generation

Create a new gated offer for lead generation, such as a free ebook, and host it on a landing page that requests visitors’ email addresses to download it.

7. Create a free online resource or tool that requires registration

Free online tools make life easier for users, especially if they only need to provide their email addresses to register. For instance, we have developed several free tools, such as Website Grader, to collect email addresses.

8. Produce more supplementary material

All gated material is less valuable to website visitors. First, provide them with free stuff to pique their curiosity. You may start with a blog post that provides essential guidance on a particular topic, then offer bonus material with more experienced advice that readers can access by providing their email addresses via a landing page.

9. Host giveaways

Create a free giveaway that requires contact information to enter using your social media profiles. Your followers should visit your website and sign up with their email addresses.

10. Use Twitter to advertise a lead generation offer

Create a Twitter promotion for an ebook or other free resource that requires your followers to provide their email addresses to redeem it.

11. Promote gated visual material on Pinterest

Visual content on Pinterest entices users to sign up for access to more content. Utilize this to your advantage by promoting your gated graphic material on the platform to attract consumers to learn more from you and provide their email addresses in exchange for more in-depth knowledge.

12. The theme of your profile cover photo should be your email newsletter

Notably, your email newsletter and your Facebook profile cover photographs are terrific locations to draw attention to something specific. You may persuade readers to enter their email addresses to receive more value from your content by producing a high-quality image that draws attention to and accentuates its importance.

If you do this, consider implementing our recommendation: to make it simple for consumers to submit their emails effortlessly once you’ve caught their interest.

13. Make the top of your Business’s Facebook page with a call-to-action button

Adding a CTA button to your Facebook page that directs readers to your signup landing page or a gated featured resource that requires email access is the best way to maximize the value of this list-building strategy. Added CTAs to your HubSpot  Facebook page.

Users will find it more straightforward if you include a signup CTA button on your profile because they won’t need to leave Facebook to visit your website; instead, they can click the link and be directed there. Facebook has provided a tutorial on how to add one to your profile.

14. Post previews of the newsletter on your profile

Create a Facebook post with a sample of your email newsletter to attract audiences and persuade them to subscribe to your email list. They’ll get a sneak peek at what you offer, be intrigued, and sign up to continue benefiting from your company. You may include a link to your signup page in this post to make it simple and quick for people to sign up.

15. Use Facebook to promote information that requires an email account to access

Promote material that requires email submission in your Facebook postings. This material may include a gated ebook, an invitation to participate in a promotion or competition, or even a statement that email subscribers receive first access to new products. Add social sharing buttons to your landing and thank-you pages to encourage your leads to share with their networks.

16. Include interactive elements in your YouTube videos

End screens, also known as “video outros,” are a feature that YouTube offers creators to entice viewers to take additional actions after watching a video, like visiting your website or watching another video on your channel. Your end cards should include links to your signup landing page since these are used to increase viewer engagement and will aid in growing your email list.

This advice can be helpful if the information in your instructional film is primarily surface-level. A gated offer or your email newsletter provides a more profound viewpoint.

17. Promote your email newsletter using your header and photos

Link to your landing page for signups in the channel header to gather leads. Users will be pulled to your banner if it is appealing, well-designed, and draws attention to the content offer, putting the CTA link in their direct line of sight. This image is prominently displayed on your profile.

18. Promote your emails in the descriptions of your videos

You should describe your YouTube videos in detail to let viewers know what they’re about to watch. Although each description will probably have some distinctive aspects, including a link to your email signup landing page is still important.

This advice can be constructive if you produce how-to style videos and persuade viewers to subscribe to additional educational material and guidance by clicking the link in your description.

19. Your Instagram bio should include a call to action

A CTA that draws attention to your email list and a link to your signup form are excellent places to share information with your audience on Instagram.

Your CTA text should persuade readers to sign up by outlining the advantages of doing so, such as receiving bonus information, access to special deals, or a general business newsletter. Including the link in your bio saves customers time because they can click it.

20. Promote content that encourages people to click the email link in your bio

Although you might not share posts that specifically request an email address, you will undoubtedly see results from sharing centers that motivate readers to do so.

You could promote a contest and inform users that they may join by going to the link in your bio and entering their email addresses. In a different scenario, if you provide an instructional video on how to use your items, you can persuade visitors to sign up because your emails will have additional content with instructions.

21. Share your landing page using the swipe-up feature

Users can swipe up on your story to view a clickable link if you have an Instagram Business profile with more than 10,000 followers.

With the help of this tool, you can send a link to your signup page or another offer on your website that solicits email addresses in return for something useful, like a free trial. Additionally, you may utilize this function to link to a lead-generating offer your audience will be eager to sign up for, such as an educational blog article.

22. Upgrade your company profile to include an email button

Including an email button on your business page is a more direct way to obtain user emails. This tool is generally used for customer service requirements so that they can contact you for support questions. Even so, it allows you to continue lead nurturing by requesting clients’ permission to send them additional emails.

23. Send readers to a landing page where they can sign up for emails

You can distribute links to your signup sites after chats on LinkedIn. Users can continue conversing with you because your email will continue to offer them valuable content and information about your company.

These URLs can be shared in EMail messages, discussion threads, and private 1:1 direct messages.

24. Mention your email newsletter in a post

If you publish an email newsletter, you can share excerpts on LinkedIn and inform people that signing up will give them access to the complete newsletter and all future ones.

25. Share URLs for gated deals

Encourage visitors to join your email list when you share a piece on LinkedIn that is filled with excellent content that your audience can use. If what you’ve said has struck a chord with them, they’ll understand that getting emails from you will provide them more access to the excellent material you provide.

You can also do appropriate and pertinent LinkedIn group discussions; be aware of the subject to ensure your offer is a welcome addition to the debate.

What to keep clear of while creating an email list

Because building strong email lists is essential to the email marketing process, so there are some rules to follow and blunders to avoid. Here are ten things you should never do while creating an email list:

Purchasing email lists

This is the most prominent error marketers and business owners make when creating email lists. Purchasing a list is the easiest and fastest way to construct one. Although this is the quickest technique, it usually backfires because there is no way to ensure that the purchased email addresses belong to users who are interested in your material or are authentic. As a result, you might buy a list of 1,000 addresses only to find that few read your material.

Adding emails without authorization

Another significant error many marketers make is this one, which may even get you into legal problems. Only email addresses that have permitted you in some way should get marketing communications from you. The two primary forms of consent for email marketing are as follows:

Express, when someone gives you explicit permission to send them emails, like by submitting their information in a subscription form, covers individuals with whom you have an existing commercial relationship, like present clients, donors, or website members.

Requesting excessive amounts of details

You want to ask for a manageable amount of information and avoid coming off as a spammer when you ask someone to supply personal information for your email campaign. You want to make signing up quick and straightforward, and you want the customer to feel comfortable giving you their contact details. Give the buyer enough time to research your company and determine your credibility.

Providing an ineffective incentive

It’s standard practice to incentivize individuals to join a targeted email list, but doing so can backfire if the motivation differs from one that the customer finds useful. It would help if you only gave a discount that can only be used at one location at a specified time or a coupon that runs out the next day. Make sure many of your consumers can benefit and use your incentive.

Using emails that have been stolen

According to Steffa Mantilla, the creator of Money Tamer, “there are bots that can search the web and gather a list of found emails.” If you add these emails to your list, you’ll probably receive spam reports, and your deliverability will drop significantly.


This article discusses email marketing, 25 ways to grow your email list, and mistakes to avoid while creating an email list. Some of the tips include offering incentives for signing up, using social media to promote your email sign-up, and making it easy for people to sign up by placing the opt-in form in a prominent location on your website. Other suggestions include running a contest or giveaway, collaborating with other businesses, and using exit-intent pop-ups on your website. By implementing these strategies, you can effectively grow your email list and improve your chances of success with email marketing.