Expand your target outreach with our email marketing specialist

Are you looking for someone who can expand your target outreach through email marketing? Stop your search with us! Demandify Media is a leading email marketing company that can help you with product email marketing strategy and content to help you reach the target group and get value through optimized engagement.

Our Email Marketing Services

We are known to provide customized email marketing services as per our client’s business. Whether you own an IT firm, a food joint, a small boutique, or any other company, our email marketing strategies can generate leads for you. Through this marketing strategy, we make efficient use of tools to touch the larger horizon of your target audience, and that too at cost-effective rates. Our bulk and personalized email marketing services can give the best returns on your invested amount.

Our Process

Email Marketing Campaign

Management Our end-to-end email marketing campaign covers designing, developing, and executing email marketing campaigns. We also consolidate the outcomes and report them to our clients. So, even if your company is on weekends and you want to send any important message to your clients, we can manage that for you!

Email Marketing Strategy

It would help if you had a strong and result-oriented email marketing strategy for your email marketing campaign. Your strategy should contain the right message and subject and hit your clients’ inbox at the right time. That is what our email marketing strategy does for you. We increase the chance of your email being read and responded to by your prospects.

Template Design

Our professional email marketing team knows how to build a customized template for your business to meet your email marketing objectives. Also, all our templates are mobile-friendly and thus allow your clients to respond from any device. Also, we do customization in templates for the best user experience.

Email Marketing Automation

Through automation, it is possible to create a sustainable strategy for digital marketing. We automate the complete email marketing process by extracting the desired information and the right email marketing database to bring you outstanding results in the form of leads. To make this happen, we employ suitable email marketing automation software. We can automate newsletters, email blasts, and weekly updates. It will engage your target audience and let them know more about your brand.

Why Choose Demandify Media for Email Marketing?

  • We have a proven track record and years of experience in email marketing
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who can serve clients of various profiles
  • We use the latest tools for email marketing
  • Customized email marketing templates as per your business
  • Customized email marketing automation

Why go with Email Marketing?

Email marketing allows you to get 360° solutions right from your business introduction to increases in sales and ROI. Some email marketing services include:

  • Touching maximum target audience through the product database
  • Managing your content plans and setting up communication with clients
  • Giving speed to your email delivery through the latest software
  • Analysing the campaign and report to plan your future steps.

Email marketing Tips

Let’s look at some tips you should consider in email marketing. Short Emails: Your audience will love to read short and crisp messages. Also, many will read the message on mobile instead of on the desktop. A concise message can make an impact on your target audience. Touch with personalization: People love personalizations, as it gives them a feeling of trust. Also, personalization is a part of CRM. For personalized messages, you may need your customers’ details like their buying details, interest, shopping history, etc. You can boost your campaign through such personalizations.

Subject line- your email heart: The subject line is the deciding factor for many customers to open or not open the email. Hence it should be attractive. Make it attractive and catchy. There are several tools available that can help you with better subject lines. However, it is recommended to take help from any professional.

Split testing email: Divide or split your email into two groups and check your customers’ actions in these two groups. A/B testing allows companies to understand their users’ behavior and action on different offers/subject lines/content etc. Excellent landing page

You can divert your customers from your email to the landing page. Hence you should have a relevant and dedicated landing page to address your customers properly. Your landing page should be reliable and show your offerings to the customers. You can make this page more attractive through proper headings, images, sub-headings, videos, testimonials, call-to-action, etc.

Performance Monitoring: After sending emails to your customers, it’s time for performance monitoring. You can repeat any successful email campaign in the future. You may need professional assistance to understand the insights into your campaign’s success.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Global Reach

Email marketing has a broad reach across the globe. This marketing will help you to make your brand reach worldwide.

Easy to share

This methodology works on a simple implementation mechanism, and you can use it further for existing subscribers.

Automation in Sales Cycle

 Automation in email marketing, like autoresponders, reminders, and alarms, increases the efficiency of marketing.

Brand Awareness

This is the best strategy to inform your audience about your brand globally.

Easy set-up

It is easy to implement this marketing and doesn’t require much investment.

Instant Results

You can notice an instant response from your clients if they love your email.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is not that much expensive. It is the cheapest marketing strategy.

Measurable Performance

Through various automated tools, you can measure the performance of your campaign.

Increased ROI

You can expect a good number of leads with such email campaigns

Increase traffic

You can increase organic traffic on your landing page through such a marketing strategy. It helps in email marketing lead generation.

Broader Reach

Email marketing has a broader reach, as each person in the world usually possesses at least one email address. Unlike social media, your entire target audience may not prefer all the platforms of social media.

Guidebook for an Email Marketing Campaign

Stick to schedule

Your audience should know well about your email schedule. You can take professional help in finalizing and following your email schedule.

Monitor results

Your email campaign should give promising and measurable outcomes. You can outsource professionals who can monitor your email marketing results.

Strategic Planning

Your email marketing efforts will be useless if you won’t consider strategic planning. It is pivotal to define the audience and schedule the campaign. It would help to consider the relevant audience, as it is the most important aspect of email marketing.

Finalize Campaign Type

 Several forms of email campaigns include newsletters, blog posts, product announcements, etc. Before starting your email campaign, you must study all the possible options and plan the strategy accordingly.

Finalize your email list

It is difficult to build your email list as many customers are reluctant to give their email addresses until you give them anything worthwhile. You can employ the lead magnet concept here. In this concept, we offer ebooks, reports, whitepapers, checklists, templates, courses, webinars, etc., to the customers. While offering such things, keep the below points in mind:

  • Your offer should be solution-oriented and actionable.
    Make the formats easy and simple.
  • Your lead magnet should be in line with your prospects and offers. A link should be there between initial and future offers.
  • Provide your offers by considering the buyers’ journey.

Go with autoresponder

Auto-responder is an email series that you can send automatically to subscribers and is usually triggered through a specific event. In the below scenario, you can use auto-responder:

  • Welcome your new customers with welcome emails.
  • To offer the test, free resources, or anything to the subscribers.
  • To offer a webinar, newsletter, tutor resources and educational videos in a sequence.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile email accounts are important to increase the success rate of your email marketing campaign. For optimized usage, your emails must have less loading time, small images with larger fonts, large action buttons, excellent GUI, and better visibility.

Email list segmentation

It is the process of classification of your audience into various segments as per the criteria. It allows companies to send them relevant and customized emails. Rather than sending the same email to an entire email list, segmentation allows companies to send those specific emails to the audience interested in them. It increases the conversion rate. Below are some highly effective ways of segmentation: New subscribers: Segmentation of new subscribers will allow companies to send them welcome emails or welcome series. Preferences: Subscribers looking for a blog post or sales notifications can be put in a different segment. Interests: Subscribers who are more interested in a particular category, e.g., Share market-based SIPs or fixed returns. Location: Subscribers with a specific location can get location-wise offers. Reward users: You can give a special offer to reward specific users. Inactivity: You can motivate inactive users through special emails to enhance their engagement. Shopping Cart Abandonment: Sending reminders to users with pending shopping cart check-in.

Email Marketing KPIs

You can consider certain parameters as key performance indicators, and you should monitor them to get the full picture of your success. Below are the KPIs of your email marketing:

  • Number of delivered emails
  • Number of opened emails
  • Click-through rate
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Bounce rates
  • Spam complaints
  • Social shares etc.

So, do you want to adopt this email marketing strategy for your business? Do it with Demandify Media. We have an excellent email marketing portfolio. Our professionals know all the ins and outs of this marketing and can reach your target audience to convey relevant messages to them.