Demandify is a leading Custom CMS development company, and the clients appreciate our web development services. We work with agile development methodologies to provide top-notch services to clients. Right from content creation to publication, we take care of everything to meet your expectations. Our customized CMS lets our clients update their websites without any technical knowledge. Such customization allows you to update any web page easily. You can even add any image or video on the webpage for your visitors.

We strive to provide a unique design for each website. Thus we cater CMS customization services to clients of various backgrounds. Our professional CMS team is capable of developing a CMS in multiple languages like ASP.NET, PHP, .NET, etc. We are known for catering robust and flexible systems for your website

Customized Content Management System

A CMS is there to solve all your company’s problems. With a customized CMS, you don’t need to code everything from scratch. You will get complete control of your software without any security threats. You can also add tools to this software as per your development needs. This customized CMS software is flexible, easy to use, and can have numerous admins. It also allows you to have your customized dashboard as per your preference. Also, customization is possible in layouts and graphics; hence you can add video, audio, and even maps without any trouble.

Why choose us for customized proprietary CMS?

Salient features of our professional CMS services

Quick and easy to update

Our CMS customization provides seamless integration of functionalities and features to the platform. Hence it becomes easy for clients to manage their websites without much effort.

CMS management

Earlier companies needed to hire web developers to manage their websites. But today, through CMS for a custom website, there is no need to hire any professional for this work. You can manage everything via the control panel of the website.


We offer highly efficient CMS like Joomla and WordPress. Through these CMS, you can extend your website in terms of functionality. Our CMS allows customers to add extensions to their websites like social media, E-commerce, forums, and galleries.

Scheduled CMS content

Through customized CMS platforms, it becomes easy for clients to post their articles at regular intervals. Such options become an added benefit when you want to publish content on a particular date. Our CMS services will help you with it; it allows you to conduct updates at specific intervals.

Consistent CMS design

Is it trouble for you to add more pages to your website? Don’t worry. Our CMS will manage pages of your website when you start adding more pages to your website. Right from one template, you can add multiple pages without worrying about the look and feel of your website.

Consistent CMS design

Our customized features allow clients to create certain pages which are viewable for certain users they choose. For instance, you may want your basic articles to be viewed by everyone, but users must register themselves to get premium content. It lifts your extra work of authenticating each user individually.


Our CMS website design will make your website easily searchable for users. The advantage of having a search option on your website is that it will save a lot of time for users while searching for any specific information on your website. It enhances the user experience, as they can get whatever they want with a few clicks.

The website Development process of our CMS

In our CMS development process, initially, we analyze the company profile of the client and their business background. We will also let them know the plans we have for their business. Such techniques help clients understand their ultimate goals and prospects.

Requirement Specifications

After a thorough website analysis of clients’ websites, we develop a detailed specification that includes the things that need to be done at a certain time. We can also help customers find the perfect domain name that matches their profile and provide them with a hosting package that fits their budget.

Design Drafting

Our professionals can also draft web designs and present them to you. Such innovation will give you the exact road map of the website and let you know each element’s place. Once you are satisfied with the plan, our team can go ahead and bring it to reality.


In the development process, our professionals discuss your website functionalities and specifications. We develop a beta demo of your website for your review. We value your feedback at this phase and can make changes if you want any.

Go Live

It is a moment of joy for you as your website goes live. Our team will let you know all the functionalities of your website. Also, we will provide you with all the details of your website as a whole.

Consistent CMS design

Is it trouble for you to add more pages to your website? Don’t worry. Our CMS will manage pages of your website when you start adding more pages to your website. Right from one template, you can add multiple pages without worrying about the look and feel of your website.


We believe in after-service after your website is developed and handed to you. Whatever questions you might have in your mind, we are here to answer that.

Why use CMS- Benefits of CMS

Now, from the above discussion, you know a lot about CMS. So, let’s discuss its benefits for your website:

No need to learn web programming

CMS, like WordPress, is very user-friendly, and you don’t need to learn any programming language to use it. Once your developer has created your website, it’s easy to manage the website content through the drag-and-drop method.

Easy Access and Collaboration

CMS allows multiple people to access your website and lets them collaborate on different projects. Through individual accounts, many people can edit, add or update content on the website right from their device. CMS also stores all your website content in one place; anyone who has access to your website can use it easily. Hence no need to send different files to multiple people. Also, you can log in to the website backend from anywhere through CMS. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


In a static website, its maintenance can cost you more. Also, calling web developers for this work is an additional task. Even after making certain changes to the website, it will take some days to see them live on your website. Through CMS, you will save both time and money. You don’t have to depend on a developer to make website changes. You can immediately do it by yourself when you need them.


In the present era, hacking has become a common practice, and most companies are scared of such practices, specifically e-commerce companies. Hackers often target websites to steal confidential information. However, CMS is always tested by developers and computer scientists to safeguard users from all such fraudulent activities. Also, many plug-ins are available individually to enhance your website’s security.

Advanced Plugins and SEO tools

CMS has various plug-ins and tools to offer. These tools can improve the website’s ranking on search engines. That doesn’t imply that you don’t need your marketing team, but the basic strategy of such tools can attempt to enhance your online presence. WordPress plug-ins provide options to include webpage titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other aspects required for website optimization. These tools also let you know if such elements are not optimized properly. What’s more, these plug-ins are updated frequently to reflect the changes required by the search engine, which can affect the ranking. Hence these tools and plug-ins ensure that your website always remains optimized.

What makes us different?

If you use open-source software like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, you won’t be able to customize it as you need. Being open-source, you won’t have control over your software, as it will be owned by the open-source company you choose. Being open-source, the chance of hacking increases, hence your data will be at risk if you use such an open-source CMS for your Company. We build dynamic CMS, which allows you to upload information using a password-protected dashboard. You can use this dashboard even without having any programming language. We build websites on Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. This design philosophy implies that your website will be well-tested and have secured scripts. We develop feature-packed websites for our clients to let them enjoy conversion rates with minimum maintenance on the website. Our CMS development services will give a fresh look to your new or existing website. Such websites will have an appealing look and will be easy to navigate. We have years of experience in CMS and have served many industries, thus giving them a competitive edge. We at Demandify have years of experience in customized CMS development, and we play a pivotal role in giving our clients a competitive edge in their growth. Such rich experience in CMS allows us to fulfill the various demands of our customers while delivering the final product on time. Our team also does follow-ups with the clients to help them even after product delivery. We have served reputed clients of various industries and continuously add value by delivering software that fits our client’s needs.

Why CMS is important for your business

CMS has excellent expertise in developing and delivering content management solutions. Whether you are looking for a custom-built grand website, a self-managed website, or an enterprise website, CMS has solutions for each requirement. A growing business has a lot of content in scattered formats. Such unorganized content needs to be organized in an easy and sophisticated manner. Such organizations require a content management system to manage and publish content without technical requirements. Through CMS, you can run your website smoothly with less maintenance. Businesses are supposed to use various applications like e-mails, calendar activities, documents, and other tasks. CMS can manage everything in one place.