We are a leading corporate virtual event planner based in Pune, and our services are available in PAN India. We believe in delivering cutting-edge and professional virtual events which can keep your customers glued to your brand. We have a team of fun-loving professionals who are passionate about the common goal of providing extraordinary services. From excellent productions to innovative event ideas, creative programs and strong themes, we do everything to make your event memorable for you and your clients. Our virtual events aim to enhance branding opportunities for our clients.

We are here to provide a wide array of virtual event management services. From virtual conferences to award ceremonies, sports events or product launches, we can manage everything virtually. You can call us a one-stop solution for all your corporate events!

Whether you are looking for a virtual conference or product launch, we can arrange such events for you. Gain your employees’ engagement by leveraging our service for the best virtual team building. The technology we use brings precision to our virtual events. The seamless experience we provide will allow you to connect with your audience, which seems futuristic till now.

What do we do?

We are here with our innovative ideas to make your events grand. We can help you nurture your relationships with your clients through our virtual event services.

Conference and corporate events

Our conference management services are as per the corporate level’s standards and can handle meetings, exhibitions and conferences for our clients.

Product launch

We can virtually organize events to showcase your products to the target audience. We can handle all the branding and marketing parts of your products

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate: Our passionate professionals understand your expectations for the events. We love to handle challenges and can entertain even the last moment change to make your virtual event a grand celebration, and that too in your budget.

We deliver the best service: We know the importance of a grand event for your brand and go the extra mile to make it successful.

We are good listeners: We know your passion for such events. Hence we listen to your requirements to implement that during virtual events.

In the current era, remote working has become a common thing. More and more companies prefer video conferencing and live streaming applications to enhance productivity, and for them, we are here with virtual event services. To fill the communication gap which may happen in this virtual world, we can arrange live streaming conferences and events for your clients. Through such arrangements, you can grab your client’s attention as you used to in offline gatherings. We work continuously to add value to the virtual events of our clients.

We have conducted many virtual events like corporate conferences, award ceremonies, summits etc. We know that most of our clients remain busy in their business work, so we create and manage unique virtual events to meet and exceed their strategic goals. Our technical team can convert your ideas into reality. We consider all the aspects you can expect from your live concert and convert them into a super-engaging online experience.

So, are you looking for virtual events planning to broadcast a live show to your audience or looking for a webinar? We are here to cater to you an excellent virtual event. Our services can meet your expectations in planning, security, technology, and post-event analysis.

Our b2b virtual events

We are here to handle your live virtual events platforms and live moderation to ensure that you maintain seamless communication with your clients. We are a leading event management company passionate about delivering incredible virtual events in India. We have a team of passionate event managers who are creative and strive to deliver unforgettable experiences to our clients. We know how to make your ordinary virtual event an extraordinary show, and we do this to meet your client’s objectives.              

We deliver an interactive experience to our clients that will align with those taken physically. Thus, we ensure the engagement of your clients. We give virtual events the same level of proficiency as one can expect from live physical events. Thus we take care of staging, lighting and branding. We aim to connect people in this by using advanced technology for a virtual event experience.

Future of virtual events

In today’s era, when everything is going digital, most companies are now adopting this transformation of virtual events. Such events allow their target audience to become a part of the event from any corner of the world. Outsourcing virtual event work is a wise idea to give a professional touch to your event. These professionals know how to arrange such events and how to deal with the backend work required for the smooth running of the event virtually.

So, it’s time to give your conferences and meet-ups a digital impression. Demandify Media has gained a reputation in the market, and our virtual events can bring a large group of interested persons to one place.

Types of virtual events

Many brands are getting impressive results through virtual events. Lead generation, brand awareness, and community building are some aspects that have become common through virtual events. By 2022, 48% of companies have now adopted the idea of virtual events, and these numbers are expected to increase in future.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 main virtual events: virtual conferences, town halls, webinars, hybrid events and online training events. These are some of the common events which happen virtually, and we are specialized in all such events. The event type varies as per the size of the audience, its format and the event’s aim.

Virtual Conference

Such conferences have gained popularity since 2020. These conferences include virtual summits, online trade shows, virtual fairs, exhibitions, open days, etc. Such virtual conferences can be active or passive. A passive conference will be like watching a keynote with a window chat present in the sidebar. No physical interaction happens in this. The active conference is like a breakout video conference in which all participants can actively speak one-on-one. Usually, such a virtual conference can happen in more than one stream, termed a multi-track event.

For instance, a technology conference may allow a live-broadcast keynote with limited audience interaction. On the contrary, some workshops may want participants to do a live chat with the workshop leader and other attendees. 

Like physical conferences, video conferences also require intensive coordination. It covers inviting speakers, planning sessions, proper scheduling and seamless communication between participants.


These are the most common virtual events you might have heard of. You can attend a webinar on your favourite topic at your convenient day and time. Companies usually send the webinar schedule to attendees via email, social media feeds, or banners.

Webinars are a short form of Web-seminars. In such virtual meet-ups, a host or instructor joins the platform with a small group of attendees. Webinars are in the form of video conferencing, which happens live. Interactions usually happen in the form of Q&A, which attendees submit at the end of the webinar. The platform also allows live chat and responding to polls. Webinar leaders can also incorporate presentations or web pages during the session.

Webinars are a good fit for single-track educational content in which limited interaction of attendees is expected. Lectures, tutorials, and product presentations are usually done through virtual webinars.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are a blend of both online and offline programs. In this, live-in-person events are combined with virtual components, either recorded or lived. It is like live lecturers, streamed for students who can’t join offline. Hybrid events contain the benefits of both in-person events and virtual conferences. Such a combination in hybrid is perfect for events where physical presence is a must. Still, to broaden the target audience, companies want to broadcast the event remotely so that people who cannot attend the event physically can watch it online.

Town hall and live webcasts

Such events are done to nurture the company’s culture, update staff, and bring alignment regarding developments and workflows. It allows companies to build professional connections and put like-minded people together. In such events, live streaming or on-demand video is done in real-time. Your outsourcing company will ensure privacy by limiting access to the invited persons.

A webcast is live streaming which is non-interactive and can contain many remote audiences. Hence, such events are perfect for a department meetings, companywide events, sales kick-offs, and international conferences. Nowadays, such live webcasts are gaining popularity for corporate communications to maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders or customers.

Online Training

Such trainings cover a lot, from traditional education to workshops and the company’s new employees. The aim of such events is learning. Some important focus of such a virtual event is:

  • Instructors should be able to present information.
  • Students should be able to communicate with the instructor and other students.
  • Evaluation of students based on their understanding of the topic can be done properly.

Such events are perfect for employee training, classroom and corporate training.

Best Intent Marketing Agency

Demandify Media’s virtual events solutions

We aim to cater to cutting-edge virtual event solutions. Whatever kind of virtual event you are planning to have shortly, we are a perfect candidate to help you out.

Our offerings:

  • A complete and robust solution for any event at any scale
  • Fully customizable and innovative platform
  • Sponsor packages and features
  • Highly engaging and interactive virtual events
  • Superior quality live streaming
  • Fast-loading through ABR technology
  • Outstanding user experience with attractive designs.

We are here to provide full support for virtual events of any size, both on-demand and live. Our customizable and excellent content management platform with video technology can enhance viewers’ experience.

Do you know the secret behind the success of any virtual conference? It all happens because of the efforts of an incredible team with the knowledge needed to handle all such situations in a hassle-free manner. That’s what we do! We have a proven track record of managing virtual events smoothly, and our team has left no stone unturned when managing events virtually. Whether the event is big or small, we plan to make it a ‘Wow’ for you. We assure you that your online events will succeed with our efforts if you want us to collaborate with you.

Join hands with us for virtual events.

We are here to cater to your unmatched virtual events experience, which is entirely different from physical events. You can get a different experience through such events and will find another way to make your brand visible to more audience. We emphasize planning, organizing, execution and coordination in the event at a cost-effective range.

The creation of your brand value is important for your business. You can enhance the brand value by impressing your customers in the first go. So, let’s impress them with us. We can manage your virtual events to make some noise about your brand among your target audience.

Until now, we have organized virtual events for companies of different profiles. Thus, our team knows what type of arrangements your company profile will need to make your event memorable for your audience. Our studio facility is equipped with all natural and artificial lightning, professional cameras and audio equipment to make your event a perfect one. We also offer personalized themes to our clients, to give an attractive background to your events.

We strive to match the level of virtual events with the offline events so that your audience can enjoy it. With our support your event can never go wrong as our team takes care of everything right from the beginning. We can also provide project mapping for 2D and 3D displays, to give a perfect mapping to your videos through top projection equipment. So, are you looking for virtual events ideas to make your event a topic of gossip for each of your customer? Is yes, then Demandify Media is here to help you. Contact us and never look back!

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