To attain success in any business, the first thing to focus on is to understand your customers. But that’s not enough. You need to also know about the customers that your competitors might be targeting. Such knowledge will help you to expand your customer base and, ultimately, your conversion rate. Install base targeting allows you to gain such information. With such marketing, you can know the products or services that customers use at a given time.
This type of targeting focuses beyond deal closure. It understands the customers’ journey and how different customers availing of any company’s product or service engage with that company. Such a marketing strategy requires customers’ database, learning who use their products and services. Thus, install-based targeting is used to achieve the below goals:

  • Opportunity creation for cross-selling and up-selling of products and services
  • Conversion of prospects into customers
  • Know more about customers’ profiles and preferences

Who is the Install Base Customer?

  • These are the customers who are currently using your products or services. It would help if you kept them satisfied, as they are already converted and are less expensive to maintain than finding new ones.
  • These customers are also important as they can refer your company to others. You can also spread the word of these customers among new customers showing their satisfaction with your offerings.
  • As an existing customer, you will likely have their demography and other necessary data.
  • This targeting can play a pivotal role in the success of your business because of the below reasons:
  • Lets you know about customers thinking about the current product or services that are offered to them.
  • Lets you know about the existing customers and what they will purchase next.
  • Allow customers to avail maximum value of the products offered by the companies.
  • Help B2B companies to attain customer loyalty and enjoy additional revenue through up-selling, cross-selling and referrals.
  • You can avail many other benefits if you understand your competitors better through such a strategy. By studying your customer database using one or more products and through install-based targeting, you can get new insights into buyers’ profiles and preferences.

What does Demandify Media do in easy install target?

Competitive Campaign Design

We are here to design better, complementary and competitive campaigns for our customers. Let us know about your products, and our team is here to plan the campaign based on the product features. We know the audience composition and can develop an effective campaign that can help you understand the behavior of your target audience.

Growing Partner Network

With the emergence of natural engine processing, you will come across various install-based targeting services. But only some companies can maintain the desired level of accuracy. Our team ensures that we do a manual Q & A to boost the ROI of our clients.

Reasons why install-based targeting is beneficial

  • It lets companies know their existing customers’ behavior and interest in future buying.
  • Allow your customers to take maximum advantage of your offerings which builds customer loyalty.
  • You can enjoy incremental revenue through cross-selling, up-selling and referrals.

Analyze competitors’ targets through install-based targeting with Demandify Media

Companies employ install-based targeting to cross-sell or up-sell existing customers. Usually, sales reps have a list of customers looking for product upgrades, new product features or increased Service-level agreement (SLA). At the same time, the businesses remain busy fulfilling all those demands of the customers, which will result in more revenue. But there are other aspects that companies need to include here- touching the customers who are not necessarily going to buy.
Marketers and sales reps gather install-based data of their competitors’ customers to succeed in this business. They can use this data to build account profiles that they can use later to pursue new customers.
Through such targeting, companies can know about the target audience of their competitors. There are various tools available that can help you in gathering install base data about your competitor’s prospects.

Understanding competitors’ websites
Our team analyzes your competitor’s websites to get valuable information about their target audience. Many companies highlight their customers on their websites to increase credibility and trust. Such highlights can be in the form of testimonials, customer stories or reviews. By going through all such details, we can provide you with a wide array of information like:
  • Companies that are using products and services of the competitors
  • Different types of products or services that the customers prefer
  • The pain points that these products or services are addressing for the customers
  • What do the customers like about the product or services that the competitors are offering?

Checking social media pages of competitors

Nowadays, social media has become a leading engagement platform for customers. Hence our team pays extra attention to competitors’ social media pages to get useful insights about their target audience. We first find out which social media platforms the competitors frequently use. Usually, they remain active on the platform where their target audience spend more time. Statistics show that usage of social media platforms depends on various demographics like age, location etc.
Once our team knows about the social media platform where your competitors spend more time, we will pay attention to the below points:

Competitors’ followers

We scrutinize your competitors’ followers on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Our team will track the people who are following your competitors’ social media pages. Through such data, we get a general idea about the targets and each customer’s interest in their products.

Going through customer reviews and visitors’ posts

  • Our team will check the customers’ reviews for your competitors’ products through social media platforms like Facebook. Such reviews can be in the form of testimonials or star ratings. We can collect information like customers’ likes and dislikes and the gap the competitors’ products need to address. Along with reviews, we can also go through the posts which visitors leave on the social media pages. Through such posts, we can let you know the target area of your competitors.

Check the social mentions

  • Our team will check the customers’ reviews for your competitors’ products through social media platforms like Facebook. Such reviews can be in the form of testimonials or star ratings. We can collect information like customers’ likes and dislikes and the gap the competitors’ products need to address. Along with reviews, we can also go through the posts which visitors leave on the social media pages. Through such posts, we can let you know the target area of your competitors.

Industry Review Sites

  • Along with social media websites, we also check the review sites. For example, a platform like Yelp can let you know about customers’ feelings about the services or products your competitor is offering. In the case of tech Space Companies, we check platforms like Capterra to get a wide range of information about the competitors. Such type of information includes:
  • Name and contact information of your competitors’ audience.
  • Target audience size, i.e., number of employees.
  • How long has the brand been using your competitors’ services?
  • What are their ratings on the availed products or services?
  • What do they like and dislike about the product?
  • How likely is it that they will recommend the product to others.

Online Marketplace Visit

  • From an online marketplace, companies can know the target audience of their competitors, as they can check the testimonials and reviews which customers leave on such platforms. Let’s say your competitor has a shop listed on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform. In that case, you can check the reviews and ratings to know how the customers feel about your competitors’ products.

Analyze social media ads

  • Once you search for competitors on social media, you probably will start getting their ads in your newsfeed if they have sponsored ads. It is easy to know the customers’ location in such a scenario.

Business Directories

  • Along with business forums, you must check business directories like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages etc. These websites contain detailed reviews and ratings, allowing you to delve deeper into your competitors’ clientele.
    Based on your client’s business, you can also check the ratings from their customers on Google

Our working procedure

  • We target organizations providing similar products as you to understand their audience requirements. We get such information from a trusted source to ensure the authenticity of the source. Once you know the requirements of your competitors’ audience and why they are satisfied with their products, you will understand where to start your business from and build the marketing strategy around your competitors’ weaknesses.

Top 3 reasons why install-based targeting is beneficial

By analyzing the database of users who use one or more of your products and studying your competitors, and partners’ products and services, you can come across various opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. This will help you to uncover new insights about customers’ profiles and preferences. It allows companies to shift new buyers’ interest in your offerings.

Top 3 reasons why install-based targeting is beneficial


Understanding target buyers

It will help if you understand your target audience’s struggles and preferences, which is the biggest challenge among marketers. It becomes more difficult in the case of B2B clients. Hence it is important to focus on install-based targeting to understand your competitors. This strategy helps you understand the type of buyers that use the competitors’ products. You can get useful information regarding those buyers, including their company name, designation and team size.
Moreover, you can know about the solutions buyers are availing of and the common challenges they face.


Enhance customer retention and loyalty

Such targeting allows companies to gather much information about their existing customers. You can come to know about the kind of buyers who are currently showing interest in your products.
Also, you can get accurate information about their views on your offerings and company. You can come to know about the struggles they are facing with specific offerings. Getting such information allows companies to provide top-notch customer service to them. You can send them tools and resources to overcome the challenges.


Skyrocket your revenue

Through install-based marketing, you can cross-sell and up-sell products to your customers. Once you know about their pain points, you can easily address that through your add-on tools and accessories.
Also, when you take such efforts to delight your customers, they are more likely to remain with your brand. All such factors result in the growth of the company and revenue. Install-base targeting allows companies to remain ahead of their competitors and attract high-paying customers.

It’s time to start install-base targeting now!

Whether you want to focus on customer retention rate or want to add some more in your pocket, install-base targeting is crucial for B2B businesses. Along with increasing your revenue rate, it also helps you stay ahead of the competitors.
If you want to gain a competitive edge, you can keep a close eye on the digital presence of your competitors through install-base targeting.
So, have you implemented install-base targeting in your company? If yes, Great Job. If not, then it’s time to do that. Such strategy can give you real insights about your customers and will also tell you about the preferences of your competitors’ audience. Such data is important to convince your customers about your products by addressing their pain-points. So, grab the opportunity of becoming a leading brand through install-base targeting.
Contact Demandify Media for install-base targeting services, as our experienced professionals will let you know about our working procedure based on your business to keep you satisfied right from the beginning.