20 Best intent data tools of 2022

To grow any business, you need to find out who your ideal customer is, and who is also searching for the service that you are providing. And to do so, you need the help of some tools that can solve all of your problems in finding a targeted audience at the right time when they need your help. With the help of the intent tool, you chase not only your audience but also your competition in the market, their current status, the data they are using, etc. 

You can chase your prospects who are visiting your platform with the help of intent data tools. They show the intention of the buyers that are interested in your products or are searching for your product to purchase. Through this, you can also understand the buyer’s interest, and you would be prepared next time to work on that interest by providing similar related products on the market.

Further, data tools are divided into two categories: First-party and third party. You can collect the first-party data from your own website. But the usage of third-party data tools comes from external usage.

Now that you are considering using these technologies to expand your business, the issue of how to do so effectively emerges in your thoughts. The answer to your query is that these intent data technologies provide instant access to the buying signals your prospects are expressing. It can assist you by making your outreach more timely, enhancing your understanding of the buyer’s intent, and allowing you to make a more personalized choice with cold emails. Additionally, it boosts your sales team’s knowledge, and context before your competitors engage in discussion with prospective customers.

Following are the 20 best intent data tools of 2022. Read the article and choose the one which best suits your needs:

  1. Priority Engine

If you are working on a Saas-based platform, then Priority Engine is your go-to tool. For prospects who have an active account visiting your website, this tool helps with immediate direct entrance to their account. It also helps B2B tech companies in enhancing their business regarding ABM performance, sales productivity, and scaling up the success of demand generation. In the case of installed technology, recent and relevant activity, vendor considerations, and topical interests of the account, this tool offers unique third-party intent insight. 

  1. G2 Marketing Solution

In case you are using the G2 Marketing solution tool, it helps you in educating from the perspective of a buyer. This practice with the tool gradually aids you in growing your business by finding the proper solution for your company. Thus, thinking from the buyer’s perspective helps you develop a list of products that match your set preferences. Furthermore, G2 helps in finding those clients of yours who have given good reviews of your products and showcase your success. Thus, the G2 tool helps you connect with your good clients.

  1. Lead Forensics

With the help of Lead Forensics, you would get a chance to engage with your prospects and customers. You make the engagement because this tool provides you with all the valuable information about the visitors regarding their demographics, how long they stay on your site, where they are from, and more. That is why it is easy for you to have a fruitful, helpful conversation with your website visitors. This also makes your website and your company safe and secure. Additionally, when you find who is visiting your website, it can help to fuel up your business by making a proper deal with your interested visitors.

  1. Slintel

Slintel has been frequently referred to as the industry leader since its technology determines the buyer’s intent. Installing this tool upgrades your account and delivers fresh data to ease the CRM system. It successfully gets every piece of information by analyzing and learning more about the buyer’s journey, adoption patterns, and digital footprint. This information all together grows your knowledge regarding the sales of your business. It means knowing the intention of your buyer’s behavior and pinpointing them to help you target the appropriate market. The users of Slintel get access to chrome in finding the info of any desired company, their contact, and technographic details so that they can understand their business habits.

  1. Terminus ABM Platform

Through this tool, you can have a full view of all of your accounts. It helps you start digital advertising campaigns and target your most important clients to see how they affect your customer engagement and revenue. This fuels up your marketing platform while serving an end-to-end comment center. It helps you engage buyers with your different multi-channel experiences. This tool helps in identifying the correct account of yours so that you can target with dynamic data, engaging them with coordinated multi-channel campaigns, triggering sales by differentiating signals from noise and tracking the revenue results which actually matter.

  1. Pure B2B

Like its name, this service helps the buyer’s business model to succeed in their business by understanding the insights. Pure B2B is a web-based demand generation system. To understand demand generation, one must realize that it is the aim of a firm to increase awareness and interest in its goods by targeting the existing market. In addition, B2B content also focuses on the advertisement of the businesses and creating the outbound leads with the best analysis and multi-source intent data. Thus, you can use both for the advertisement that reaches your business to its destination and to generate high-quality leads.

  1. RollWorks Account-Based Platform

If in your business you are trying to find a tool that can help to synchronize your marketing and sales team while increasing your sales, then RollWorks is the right platform. RollWorks aims to identify your right accounts and then engage with web personalization, digital ads, email signatures, and sales automation, and then evaluate the success of your programs. It is powered by machine learning and a substantial account data foundation. Thus, for your convenience, it operates based on an account that finds your target audiences, engages them across channels, and then assesses the results. It all together scales up your business and increases your revenue.

  1. HappierLeads

The software Happierleads makes you reach those companies that have high buying intentions but do not convert their intention. Additionally, it makes campaigns for email retargeting and tracks website visitors who are working from home or using their devices. Thus, it can track anonymous website visitors, segment traffic, and connect with those who decide to work with them after visiting and choosing their website. In addition to providing high performance, the software installation is also quite simple.

  1. Triblio

Like any other platform, Triblio also provides the same purpose in integrating your account by creating advertisements, focusing on the sales of the business, and activating the multi-channel buyer’s experience. On a single platform, Triblio provides all these functions which helps in corporate expansion. In addition, it boosts your visibility and connection with clients, and makes it simpler to approach your target accounts.

  1. Demand Jump

Demand Jump gives fruitful insights into marketing and attribution. It is best for its result that shows the full picture of your target audience’s journey and your competitor’s performance so that you can act accordingly and improve your result. You can attract your customers by knowing their requirements and making content, adding relevant keywords, making helpful videos, and creating website that calls out to them. And Demand Jump helps you do exactly that. Thus, it works by giving a solution to content marketing by automating the keywords for SEO and competitive research. It ultimately is a time saver.

  1. Cognism

The platform, Cognism, is well-known for indicating buyer intent with global consent. The information functions as combining a prospect’s current interest and related interests from the past. This may seem adventurous but finding the information is necessary because you don’t want to work and receive notifications from those clients who are not genuine. Instead, you would like to connect with those clients who are your market prospects. This saves your time and helps grow your business.

Cognism data is fully compliant with GDPR. The information that Cognism gives on your dashboard is obtained from high-traffic websites. There is a wide variety of sales tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, or Zapier. You can coordinate the platform with these tools. This helps you create a better workflow in your workshop. It helps your entire team collect complete information about your client efficiently. This useful intent information about your prospect enriches your business.

  1. D&B

The main feature of D&B, which makes it a popular tool, is its sales platform. This platform helps you reach your best prospect from the list-building process. To reach your prospect, you only need to build the proper keywords that your audience is searching for. It shows you how to streamline the flow of leads through your pipeline and connect with each one  of them at the ideal moment.

  1. Cyance

To expand your business, you need to solve the problems in your path. Installing this tool helps you match your ideal client’s profile. This system helps in the growth of revenue. You only need to create custom keywords so that this tool tracks your audience. This is the only platform that has multilingual intent. It means it connects you with the intent in European languages. It provides services of the Omni channel approach. This approach helps you get the buyer’s actual experience. This way, you can understand who is your real prospect and which account is the most active one. Rather than focusing more on competition, it intends to focus on higher reachability and concerns with taxonomy, making branch classification.

  1. Kickfire

By using Kickfire, you can discover the visitors’ buyer interest who are searching for your company with genuine interest while cutting out those prospects who are not genuine and prioritize those who have similar interests. Then the next thing is when you do get your audience, give them personalized services. The signals you get with the help of this tool make you set the lead priorities straight. This tool helps you make ad campaigns that spread your connections to more audiences and business people. Also, your revenue will grow when you increase your pipeline by boosting your technology stack’s components and streamlining your team’s work process. Thus, it all together provides normalized data on all of your platforms for sales and marketing.

  1. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a well-known name in B2B sales. It offers buyer intent software to provide additional insights and enhance your current sales data. You only have to create relevant keywords for topics related to your industry. This makes you reach your target audience, and this tool contacts them at the best time.

  1. Bombora

The most valuable piece of information regarding Bombara is that other intent data tools are encouraged to use Bombara’s raw data since it helps in the development of their own products. It means installing Bombara can smoothly and continuously integrate with the tools that you are using. It accelerates your business by leveling up your sales and market. This intent data works by identifying the accounts researching process and figuring out whether these researches have any similarity to your business, services, and products or not. Through this data, you can prioritize your leads which can save you time and effort, and in a short time, you can close more deals. The most helpful fact is you can find all of your data in one place and show your most active account of yours. This can help you to rank the prospects’ list.

  1. DemandScience Intelligent

DemandScience Intelligent, also known as Leadiro is a B2B data platform. The use of the database is to look for the parameters that the prospects are using, like technographics, demographics, and firmographics. Furthermore, you can also use buyer’s intent data to find the businesses that are looking for topics that have a similar relation to your industry. When the informative data gets updated in real-time, you will get alerted with notifications. It is the information about the real prospects’ decisions and also about the pipeline when it is full of prospects who are prepared to act. Thus, it integrates the sales tool so that you can move the data from the platform into your CRM. It gives you surety that you are at the top of the sales pipeline.

  1. Lead411

Lead411 is a B2B marketing sales software. It helps your business to get the lead data. There are several features in this tool that make it a popular choice. When you use this data in conjunction with sales intelligence and growth triggers, it shows all your growth opportunities. It uses its advanced search and filters to divide up your potential customers into different categories and develop distinctive customer profiles and enrich your contacts by setting up automated emails, creating custom emails, adding contacts to campaigns, and using the built-in dialer to make direct phone calls to customers.

  1. eCHO

eCHO is a tool for account-based marketers and helps to list the accounts depending on the intent and engagement data. Marketers use this to focus on their accounts that work with high speed, and this needs the interaction of top advertisement and customized email messaging. This process helps to score and prioritize your account.

This intent software can give an important note about the account that can be converted to its best depending on the level of engagement. 

  1. Intensify

It was founded in 2018, and many people use it for its best performance. It provides good-quality intent data. This software also covers intent buyers at an extensive rate such that with proper usage of content and keywords, you can reach your target audience. It automatically highlights the signals of the leads who visit your website frequently and optimize the campaigns.

Hopefully, the above information about intent data tools was helpful for you to choose the best one to make a drastic growth in your business.