Co- Founder & Director Sales

The Co-Founder’s thoughts about the B2B Industry

“What’s in a name?” is a famous dialogue from the play- Romeo and Juliette written by William Shakespeare.

Well to those who believe in it, certainly don’t see the importance of Data and what verified contact details bring to the table. But you can always ask a marketer, looking to drive awareness of their company’s content, or the sales executive, who is looking to connect with the right prospect, how they struggle to connect with their potential buyer.

The B2B industry has been here since the 1800s and it has been evolving for the last two centuries starting from print ads in magazines to billboard ads all the way to digital ads and organic marketing content that pop up on our Mobile devices.

The marketer today can connect with any prospect from his/her target audience at the desired stage of the buyer’s journey based on their marketing strategy such as at the:
1. Top of the funnel- awareness or display campaigns,
2. Mid of the funnel- content syndication to help fill the pipeline for the company’s inside sales team or at the
3. Bottom of the funnel- sales qualified leads and appointment generation campaigns, without the strain of verifying the quality of the data thanks to CMS tools that verify the intent of the prospect. This is done not just by content interaction but with multiple signals that validate their intent and grade them based on the duration of their online activities via tagging their email, IP or device.
Honestly, this is just the beginning for the B2B Demand Generation industry.

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