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Unlock your potential with our lead generation campaign and see increased customer acquisition tailored to your specific needs with our flexible pricing models.

Hybrid Content Syndication

Starting at
$ 35
Cost per Lead (CPL)*
Boost your sales funnel with marketing qualified leads
Drive digital content syndication for your content posted on our publication- DemandTeq
Get leads that are tele-verified with multi-touch point campaigns based your requirement for multiple content pieces
BANT questions via form fill
**Starting at a cost of $20k for a pilot campaign

Intent Data Bank

Starting at
$ 10
Cost per Lead (CPL)*
Get intent-verified leads with brand awareness as a value add
Get a complete list of triple-layer intent-verified prospects
Run a value-add brand awareness campaign
Drive traffic to your website
**Pay as you go

Call-Back-Consent Campaign

Starting at
$ 70
Cost per Lead (CPL)*
Get bottom of the funnel leads with GTM strategy
GTM strategy via tailored SDR approach
Qualify prospects on PAT (Pain areas, Authority and Timeline) questions
Get a clear consent for a callback for your SDR
A dedicated CSM to run a lead nurture program
**Starting at a cost of $30k for a pilot campaign
Best Option

**All campaigns run at Demandify Media are not only digitally verified but are also tele-verified. Our first-party audience is engaged through our own tech publication- DemandTeq.

**CPL is the same regardless of the region, target account list, suppression list or volume of leads.

** Minimum engagement cost applies to the listed pricing model per lead.

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