It is difficult to get effective marketing. Marketers need to juggle between limited budget, customers’ demand, and channel decisions to come up with a strategy which will actually work. The biggest deciding factor of effective marketing is the audience.

If you are not correctly targeting the right people, then probably your advertisements and promotions are falling on deaf ears. You need to customize your marketing strategy as per your target audience as they vary even with locations. While many companies target individual shoppers, others cater to companies. Marketing strategies will be completely different in these two scenarios.

Demandify is a leading professional end-to-end marketing company that leverages inbound marketing to provide quality leads to our customers. We believe in quality and meaningful content that can attract your target audience’s attention. Till now, we have observed exponential growth of our clients through our b2b marketing services. We have years of experience in marketing and would like to continue with this for many more years. Ours is a creative, result-oriented, and technology-focused agency that works with our clients as true partners. We understand the clients’ business, let them know our marketing strategy as per their business and keep them updated regarding our work to achieve their satisfaction

Our list of marketing services include

Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO services ensure that your business will be visible to your prospects. We strive to boost organic traffic on your website and create a robust sales pipeline.

Graphic Design: Get designs that can create a good impression on your customers. Our services reach your audience in the most visually appealing manner. We take care of your social media engagement and banner design.

Email Marketing: Our email marketing campaign can effectively communicate with your audience, influence their decision-making, and generate demand for your brand.

Paid Marketing: Our PPC service enhances the visibility of our client’s website on Google, which gives them consistent lead generation.

Social Media Marketing: Our social media services will help nurture, engage and build a relevant audience. We do extensive branding for your company through attractive posts and ads on various social media platforms.

Our approach

With our years of experience working with sales organizations, we have realized that most companies have a ‘qualification gap’ in how their sales team obtains leads. This results in more lead time, and sometimes the entire sales cycle is lost. Your brand should continuously get qualified leads so that the sales team can focus on converting them instead of prospecting.

We follow the ‘Lead-by-lead’ approach in which we first understand your business model and customer needs to provide solutions and to reduce this qualification gap. We develop a highly customized sales pitch and contact your clients on multiple channels. We always share whatever brand marketing strategy we device with our clients to keep them updated. All these are done to maximize your ROI and build your brand.

Seamless and excellent branding communication with your clients has made us different from our competitors. We create your company’s brand value at every channel and touch point. It will give your sales team a clear advantage in the meeting.

Why outsource to Demandify for complete marketing solutions

We can become a source of quality lead generation for your company. Allow your sales team to focus only on lead nurturing and put the lead generation work on our shoulders to exceed your revenue beyond expectations. Outsourcing to us will not only boost your conversion rate but will also save you time.

Reasons why you need us for lead generation

Emphasize more on easier tasks

Streamlining your marketing team is important for any company as it requires a lot of energy. Your marketing team needs proper training to communicate properly with the prospects. Outsourcing our team will allow you to focus on marketing campaigns, planning, and other offerings. You can put lead generation work on our plate entirely.

Realize your full potential

As per studies, most companies face issues like lack of staffing, funding, and time. Almost 61% of B2B companies face the same obstacle. Outsourcing marketing work to Demandify Media will allow you to maximize your resources. With a limited budget, companies find it difficult to hire a separate marketing team for lead generation. Once you outsource to us, our professional team will help you in your company’s growth.

Communicate with those who matter

If you have ever done cold calling, then you know how painful it is to convert customers. Hence, our services allow you to communicate only with those that are ready to discuss your products or services. Also, not all salespeople have the same talent. Some may be good at finding leads, some may be good at nurturing them, and some may be good at closing them. It isn’t easy to get all three qualities in one person.

If you outsource our b2b marketing research services, we will provide you with quality leads monthly. We will qualify them and schedule a meeting with your sales team which will enhance your chances of conversion.

Get real-time data

Companies that are getting good marketing results feel that they have reached many clients multiple times and repeatedly followed up with old contacts. Hence they always want to rearrange their contact list and add new clients. There always remains a need to streamline companies’ existing marketing data with new contact details. Demandify can do such work for you and add some quality clients to your contact list.

Avail the right technology

The basic tools which every marketing team needs are phones and computers. But another important tool is the right software to keep a record of leads and calls. If you work with us, our team will get the required software to do their job and provide you critical feedback regarding your prospects.

Prospects details

Outsourcing our marketing research services will provide you with the necessary data about your target audience, covering their preferences and needs. It will allow you to customize your services to gain their interest in your offerings when your sales team reaches out to them.

Our end-to-end marketing strategies

As discussed till now, companies can customize marketing strategies as per their audience. No two B2B marketing can be the same. We discuss the marketing strategies  implemented to reach your target audience. While starting our B2B marketing strategy, the below steps are followed before executing them.

We know your brand positioning

For an efficient marketing strategy, we need to understand your brand reputation among your prospects. This implies that we understand the who, why, when, and how related to your brand identity. We come up with a brand positioning statement that your audience will believe in. Once done, you are ready for the next step.

Your target audience identification

We identify your target audience and determine who is interested in your product or services. Such information helps us create buyers’ persona and understand their purchase cycle.

Running a competitive analysis

Along with your business, we also study your competitors and their strategies to grab your audience. For this, we do competitive analysis. Things which should be checked while knowing your competitors are:

  • Offerings of competitors
  • Their sales tactics and outcomes
  • Their social media platform and marketing content

Getting an idea of such aspects allows our team to better understand your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Such a study is also known as SWOT analysis.

Marketing Channel Analysis

In this analysis, we find out the marketing channels your competitors are successfully using and the platforms they haven’t explored yet. Such information will allow us to utilize the new channels of competitors and take maximum benefits of it for brand building. This way, we will diversify your B2B marketing portfolio and take your business to the next level. Based on the competitor analysis and customer segments, we will explore channels and use suitable tools to optimize your leads and customer funnel.

With effective B2B marketing channels, you can connect with your audience and fulfill their customized needs.

B2B marketing services examples 

A marketing approach that works brilliantly for one business may not give desired results to others. Let’s discuss some B2B marketing examples which were done right.

Adobe: Social media marketing

It was difficult for B2B brands to stand out and get views on TikTok. However, some companies did manage to grab thousands of viewers (if not millions) to their videos through quality and engaging content, and a better understanding of the app.

The best example is Adobe, which successfully got 262.3 K followers with 2 million likes on TikTok.

Right after joining TikTok, Adobe’s second video got 2 million views. They ask the customers- “Who is a creative TikToker that we should know about?”. This question resulted in a great audience engagement. 

Adobe succeeded in this app because it produces highly engaging content targeting TikTok’s audience. All its videos were short, crisp, and entertaining. This brand highlighted its products in a fun way, without making them look promotional.

Content Marketing- Shopify

Shopify, a leading e-commerce company, produced many content resources like business courses, blogs, and community events. But the content that led them to taste real success was a  podcast. This podcast emphasized many entrepreneurs’ success stories and offered practical ways to start businesses on Shopify. 

Giving the audience so much valuable information without charging them is a great example of excellent B2B marketing.

Digital Marketing: Mailchimp

The home page of Mailchimp is easy to navigate and simple and emphasizes customers’ pain points more. For example, its first-page text is “Get down to business and grow sales,” and below that, the text written is “Engage your customers and boost your business with Mailchimp’s advanced yet easy-to-use marketing platform.”

The text focuses on the customer and how the company can help them meet their goals. Also, at the top of the website, there is an option to choose the language. Hence this demonstrates how the company takes care of its customers by customizing each piece of content to solve the customers’ challenges.

Client Testimonial: Venngage

This company took the positive feedback of their clients and mentioned them throughout their website. Such social proof ensures the audience that the company has a good track record of reliability and they have served previous customers up to their satisfaction level. Also, such positive feedback helps customers in their decision-making process.

B2B SEO: TravelPerk, Google

A B2B buyer invests atleast 27% of their time in the purchase journey by researching through one or two search engines.

TravelPerk made efficient use of SEO and paid search. It made use of topic clusters and sub-topics to touch their prospects. This company ensures that search engine pages like ‘business travel expenses’ should display paid ads directing to their website.

Referral programs: Blackbaud

Blackbaud has come up with excellent referral programs under which the company gives incentives to current customers if they promote their product, among others. Customers are supposed to let others know about the company’s working process, what they liked about their team and how their solutions helped their companies to achieve the goal.

“When you let others know about your experience and help us spread the word about our services and products,” you will receive a reward from us. When you share your feedback, participate in reference calls and share the educational content on various social media platforms, you can earn reward points which you can redeem later.

Such programs helped Blackbaud gain customer loyalty and get more business through the customer network.

Invest in the marketing services industry and reach potential customers

Your marketing efforts will never give you desired results until you keep your customer’s preferences in mind. Your marketing strategy should let the customers know how your services can help them. You should connect with them on different platforms and address their pain points. Come up with engaging content that keeps your audience glued. 

It is always beneficial to hire professionals for end-to-end marketing services as these professionals know about the strategies which can give you results based on your company’s profile.

Contact us to take a giant leap of success in your business. Our team is always ready to serve you!


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